Thursday, September 11, 2008

Just a couple random thoughts

I've been thinking of making twitter my main blog cuz I can only handle that. So with that in mind I'll "twitter" some things here.

1. I'm officially sick of the non-recession. I'm sick of having no money. Sick of my friends having no money. And sick of everyone not being able to borrow any money. Let's get on with it already.

2. How about Peace for a change. I'm even over saying "one nation under God". How about "one Nation" "one continent" "ONE PLANET". How about having race, gender, nationality AND/or religions beliefs play NO PART is PEACE.

3. I have disturbed friends who have even more disturbed friends who took my blissfully niave mind to places today where should-be-unthinkable thoughts raced through my brain all day. Oh how I miss the last set of 'unthinkable' thoughts... and no, don't ask. I mean unless you don't want to ever sleep right again.

4. I really with I could go glom onto Cathy Z tomorrow at the scrapbook convention. Here's to getting my work done in time to get over there. and here's really to not looking like a complete nut job if I do get over there.

5. oh yeah! I'll be at Paper Vineyard for a quick Lifted Inspiration Class this Saturday from 4-5 and then at the crop the same night for fun, and to judge the lifted contest, from 5-11. Drop in and say HI!

6. ya know, it's like my children save up all their angst, anxiety, misdirected energy and overall bullheadedness during the day just for me. Like I like it when they spew it out all over me when I pick them up after work.

7. despite #6, this happens every single day. I look at Noah and think "oh my God, nothing could be cuter than this" then I look at Sarah and thing "oh my god, NOTHING could be cuter than this." Then I look at Kate and think, "OH MY GOD, NOTHING could be cuter than this," Then I look at Noah and think, "OH MY GOD, NOTHING could be cuter than THIS!" Then I look at sarah and think...........

8. Copy #7 but replace "nothing could be cuter than this" with "nothing could make me as happy as this"

9. copy #8 but replace "nothing could make me as happy as this" with "I couldn't love anyone more than this"

10. copy #8 but replace "I couldn't love anyone more than this" with "no one should be as luck to have you"

and there you have it. my twitter blog attempt. Sucky I know but all I can handle right now. Randon little fleeting thought that require no deep thought and zero pictures. Althought pictures are always good.


Kaelene said...

Hey, at least if you are twittering, we get to see SOMETHING of you!! ♥

Tammy said...

I have thought that my train of thought would be better captured on Twitter than the blog. But I know if I start to Twitter, I'll probably never blog again. So I'm right there with ya' sister. I do like the Twitter download on the blog though. May be I'll try that next.

Kerry said...

Yeah, I hear ya on #1 and #2.

All of them really, but yeah... really feeling the weight of 1 & 2.

Congrats on the exciting news!

scrapmom4 said...

Twitterblog anytime. I don't think I could ever be that brief!