Monday, May 26, 2008

first of many

I wasn't going to post this cuz well, it's kinda silly. Okay it's not silly to me (much) but to everyone else it's got to be down right mind numbing. None the less, here ya go. While everyone else is posting pics of their (high school) grads I thought I'd post our little graduate.

Sarah is a little grad herself...from being 4 in preschool. Not even kindergarten, preschool folks. Told ya it was silly : ) Still cool though. Her school gets really into it. Offical caps and gowns (that perfectly match the wall color. Wonder if they planned that. Can you even see her?? She doesn't have a floating her, for reals.)


There was a little glance into the day to day routine. Most was question and answer stuff like the recognizing letters, numbers and sybmols. They have a little song and dance-ish thing for the months of the year - this is what she's doing here.


The official handing of the diploma and gradulations from her teacher (who is FANTASIC I must say!)


Caught a cute moment while she was admiring her "diploma". Granted she's got no stinkin' clue what this all means but it's still damn cute!

I don't sound like it, I'm sure, but I really am quite proud of her. Off to Kinder next year. She's ready. Even if I'm not.


Dust and Maddy said...

Wow -- I can't believe they did a pre-school graduation. She looks so cute in her cap and gown!

We actually missed Kindy grad while on our stay-cation. :(

laura said...

damn she's cute! :) congrats to the graduate! ;)

Lorie said...

she is cute!!