Monday, January 28, 2008

totally, completely random thoughts

Yo Yo Yo. Been forever (again) yeah. sorry bout that. I'd say it won't happen again but we all know I'd be lying my tail off huh?

Don't really have much to blog about. At least not much that's fun and exciting. Been busy (like everyone else) and just trying to keep my head above water. BUT I have had a couple random thoughts I thought I'd share:

* I love Super easy site to verify all that sillyness (and sometimes not so silly) email we tend to get. Verified an amber alert was false yesterday. This was cool for two reasons. One - and most important - the girl in the report wasn't actually missing. and Two - I didn't forward a fake email to my friends and cause them to be sad about the thought of this missing girl. And you know you would have been freaked! :) Silly but I always been kinda cool and super efficient when I check something out on there. Kinda how I used to feel when I'd find something (or purpose) in the old school card catalog in the library. Yes, I'm wacked.

* The Cold Stone by my house is closed. SADNESS! I won't say this will help the size of my ass as I'm sure I'll find another place to shove frozen goodness in my face, but still, nothing is like sweet cream and raspberries.

* well Mint Oreos gives cold stone a run for its money. Those pretty much kick sweet butt!!! Nearly made myself sick yesterday LOL

* Ever do something so often that you forget why you even started doing it? Of course you do. The one I just realized I do is my search for a murphy bed. I go on craigslist all the time searching for one. Have for years. (who knew one would be so hard to fine?!) I just went again I realized I don't need to anymore. I wanted one so I could have a queen size bed for when my dad stays here but still have room my the girl's little beds when he's not here. ugh. so much for that need.

* My book is back in the works. For reals this time. I hope to be able to overnight the CD to the printer this week. SCARY!!! I figure I have to get it done. The look on my dad's dying face when I told him the book was dedicated to him and mom was/is my motivation to get the damn thing finished. I can't remember the last time I saw his face light up like that. So that's great motivation. Well that and the printer calling, and my investor writing a check!! haha More on that soon!!!

eee gads, thought I had more to say. Guess not. Sorry this is kinda a downer post. Such is my life right now. As my dad always said, "this too shall pass"


Kaelene said...

so happy that you're "back" on your blog -- I missed you! As my 15 year old nephew reminded me the other night, "That which does not kill us, only makes us stronger!" Let's go with that!
And . . .we can find another Coldstone!! :)

Lisa said...

i am glad the book is getting finished. i heard the best quote the other day. "it doesn't say 'and this too shall stay'" i loved that. and pray tell what is a murphy bed!

angieinpink said...

excitement o' the book!! keep me posted!

laura said...

can't wait to hear more news on the book! :)

Anonymous said...

Great news about the book Michelle! What a long journey, just like birthin' a child.
Been thinking of you, and hope you are doing okay. XOXO.