Thursday, June 21, 2007

Peter says I have a good heart - I say I'm crazy!

OKAY. this post WILL have spoilers. so if you haven't seen "Bridge to Terabithia" and want to - DON'T READ ANY FURTHER. You have been warned. I will say what happens.




Bought this movie. Watched it. Liked it except the freaking ending. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????!??!??! She DIES?!!!?!

I know, blah blah blah, it's not about that. It's about bigger things. but shit. She's a cutie. she made a difference. and she's freaking dead. Pisses me off. I'm sad, still, just thinking about it.

Same with Pay it Forward and Untamed heart. Great movies but I will NOT watch either again. It's just too much for me. People die, I get that. I'm actually kinda okay with it in real life (go figure) but in movies, where things are FAKE and HAPPY and pretend, people shouldn't die. Everything is supposed to be happy and shiny and bright. The guy gets the girl. The good people live on. Everyone is happy! that's the rules! DAMMIT.

As with any new movie in this house, it gets played over and over and over again. Noah is watching it right now. I made him move to the Living room. I really don't want to watch again.... stupid huh? I called Peter about it. Told him I was still sad about this damn movie to which he replied, "I know honey, you have a good heart." Another reason I'll keep him around! :)


Anonymous said...

I saw that movie in the theater with the kids. I got up to go to the bathroom and when I came back they were at the funeral.

I'm like, "What happened Megan??"

"The girl died mom."

"WHAT?!?!? HOW???? WHY?????"

I know it is a movie, but I felt awful too. And like it was my fault for going to the bathroom. If I didn't have to go, the rope wouldn't have broken! Whyyyyy?

So I'm kind of bummed on the way home and Megan could tell I'd been crying. She looks at me and says, "Mom, you'd NEVER be able to handle the book."

The boy's little sister was adorable though, wasn't she?

Michelle said...

LOVED the little girl. LOVED HER. without her I probably would throw the damn DVD away! hahaha

I agree with Megan, there's not way I could read the book. I'd toss it out the window, then burn it! LOL

The more I think about it, too, the more I feel TERRIBLE for Jess. If only he would have taken her to the museum.... poor boy.

okay, I need to stop talking about it...started to cry again *chuckle*

Dust and Maddy said...

Haven't seen it, but I've read the book.

you're a blogging fool!

Lisa said...

i read the book years ago with brianne. awesome! but i am comlete opposite--i love books and movies with crappy endings--cuz that's real to me! go figure.

Anonymous said...

Well I say that you have a good heart, too! I know this because you are such an amazing friend, and mother and wife!
I have hesitated to see the movie, because I heard that it is sad . . . I, too, like to see movies to escape from reality!

scrapmom4 said...

My sister felt the same way! I copied and pasted your post to an email to her. She'll love it, I'm sure.

She called me when she got home from the movie and said, "Have you seen that movie?" I hadn't. She asked, "Have you read the book?" I had. She yelled, "Why didn't you warn me?!!" :) Gotta love sisters.


P.S. It does suck when people in movies die. Truly.

P.P.S. I see Kaelene's comment--does she have a blog I can stalk?