Thursday, April 19, 2007

something stinks

in my house, that is. And I'm faily certain it is not me. I've checked :) I've check the house too. Dunno what it is. But it does, most definately, stink.

So my house smells like shit, literally. And I don't know why. It's dirty and stinky and I dooooon't knoooooooooooow whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

and now you're informed. Sorry all you anal peas. I can almost see the facial twitches from here.


Kerry said...




I've got a pretty good nose, and I've been known to crawl around on my knees on the floor looking for mystery odors!

Lisa said...

is it potatoes? i swear everytime my house starts to have a smell it always ends up yucky potatoes in the cupboard!

Michelle said...


Easter eggs. You'd think I'd learn. but NO! they were found shortly after my post yesterday and the problem is solved.

Although, Kerry, you can still come clean :) hahaha

Shanna said...

I was going to say check the vaccuum!!!! :) Glad you found the stanky source! LOL

Dust and Maddy said...

Easter eggs? I love it!!!! So classic. And VERY fou smelling. Glad you found the source.