Monday, April 02, 2007

my aha moment

Ya know the 'hairstyle' that some olderish women wear that accents their lovely, skunk-like, patchs of grey hair? You know the style (and I use that term lightly) where these super-high-contrasting chunks of hair sweep from the center of the part?It's always the woman who have super dark (and for the most part) gorgeous flowing locks. It's like they think their hair is SO grand it can pull off this monstrosity of a style.

yeah, hate that. You're shocked, I can tell.

BUT SO, this morning, I'm driving the girls to school and the sun, which is still low in tke sky, hit the part of my hair SQUARE ON the patch of grey. The patch that's not-so-new to my head. I've been fighting it, big time, for a while now. I have to color every 2 weeks now just to keep up. stupid grey.

Then it hit me. A-HA!!! I instantly really understood why women do that. I mean, why bother? It's a losing battle, right? It can't be good putting those chemicals on your head every other week. Maybe I'll end up having to do it every week? every day?? So if you can't beat'em, join'em, right?

HELL NO!!! I will fight the grey. I will burn every last inch of my scalp before I give it to the skunk-do. And I trust, NO! I demand, that y'all, as my friends, WILL IN FACT, kill me if I ever give up the fight.

Kill me. Kill me dead. I will not do the skunk-do.


Kerry said...

Every other week?? How fast does your hair grow?

You have to master the zig zag part. That buys me an extra week of not having to color.

And I hereby promise to do my part in not allowing you to ever do the skunk do. Right hand raised.

Beth said...

I've never seen any gray in your hair, so you must be doing pretty good so far. But I was wondering why your color always looks so fresh; coloring every two weeks would do that! ;)

And I don't think you could pull off the skunk-do, so I'll definitely do my part. Hehehe...

Anonymous said...

Don't give up the fight! You don't have to. Ya gotta want it costs $$$$ and time.

I refuse to cave. Not yet anyway. It brings "high maintenance" to a whole different level. It's no longer maintenance to look good, it's literally MAINTENANCE to just *maintain* the status quo. Sad, sad day.

Dust and Maddy said...

i recently heard that there was no excuse for grey hair anymore. . .so keep coloring sistah! I need to work on my own greys, which are cleverly disguised as "highlights."

Anonymous said...

Every other week! Man that is alot of FIGHT! But don't give in, once you throw in the towel you might as well throw on denim jumpers with holiday theme appliques... STAY STRONG! Tammi

Lisa said...

your hair always looks good to me!!!

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of anyone giving that "hairstyle" a name before, but I'm amazed at how much sense "skunk do" makes! I will do my part, too, to help you withstand the grey . . . and you could always hang out with my nephew, Chase, who is always too happy to ask, "When are you gonna get your roots done???" Brat!

SHanna said...

I am lucky not to be dealing with this too much yet. But when the time comes I will be saying NO to SKUNK DO!!! LOL