Thursday, January 25, 2007

Two in one day

I posted a whiny post a bit ago and while I would love to get all sorts of "we feel your pain Michelle" posts I've been cheered up and must pass the attention to Beth

You see, yesterday was Beth's birthday and, as she explains in her perfectly-detailed-martha-stewart-way, we 'attack' your yard on (or about) your birthday. Or if you special like Maddy you get it twice a year.

We just get better and better at this. Of course, it helps a bit that we are all over-achieving freaks who simply cannot do the same thing twice. So check out Beth's blog today. Her post rocks. Shanna's blog also goes into some of her past attacks.

Gotta give a few shout outs about this attack
to Kerry - thanks K-dawg for having the gate code and not being totally pissed that we called at 10pm for it.
to Shanna - KILLER idea dude!
to Maddy - for being with us in spirit. Seriously girl, we'll hold that baby ya know?
to Kaelene - who helped this time :) dems a lot a sticks huh girl?
And MOSTLY to the couple who spotted my kids unattended in the car last night - yeah PLEASE don't call CPS. My DH is out of town and I had to bring them. I mean really, how could I NOT have attacked her house. Come on - you saw it - IT ROCKED. And besides, your community is gated, and we all know nothing bad happenes in gated communities, right?


Lisa said...

you guys crack me up!!!

Beth said...

Thanks again, guys!!

Jamie said...

Wish I could have been there to help!

Kerry said...

Glad to help.
Glad CPS wasn't called.
So happy.
Ate a booger.

Totally delightful. (not the booger.)


Michelle said...

LMAO @ Kerry

Shanna said...

oh but I think Boogers ARE delightful. After all.....I do watch 13 of them all daylong!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Boo hoo! Hated missing it :(