Wednesday, January 10, 2007

the opposite of sap

I love you my MAS friends. Can I just say that? I mean who else is so lucky to have friends good enough to call you out on your typos, and then not get all bitter when told to F off for calling you out on your typos.


Especially Maddy, because if I don't love her the most she'll take that back back middle seat in the van. That and she's been pregnant all her life :)


Anonymous said...

it hasn't been hard for maddy to be pregnant all her life--what is she, like ten? i bet you maddy has more posts on 2peas than hours in her life! lisa

Michelle said...


see??? :) that's love LOL

Shanna said...



Kerry said...

Aww, love you too Michelle!

You make typos??? Who knew! ;)

Beth said...

Hey- I'm the one you tell to eff off, and this becomes a post about Maddy? Where's the justice?!

Eff you all!


Dust and Maddy said...

Awwww, thanks for the LOOOVE Michelle! As for Lisa -- I'd like to tell *her* to EFF off ;)

Anonymous said...

What does EFF Mean? Kidding! Love your PAGES!!! Tammi

Michelle said...

ask maddy what it means. She's 25 months pregnant, should be easy to get her to snap and yell it at you. :)))

Kerry said...


You know what else I was thinking about last night???

Maddy is so damn funny when she gets mad. I still wish somebody else could have seen her yell at that dumbass at the front desk "WE DON'T SPOOOOOOOOON!"