Thursday, January 04, 2007

my love of all things boxed

Imagine how thrilled I was when last night, after my class at SB etc., I found these.

They are from QuicKutz and hold on your dies. THEY ARE THE CUTEST THING E.V.E.R.

Had the brown been darker, more chocolate, I would have bought the whole thing on thw spot. It's just too damn cute. So I'm gonna scope out my sb room and see if there's the perfect home for this adorable little boxie, cubbie, thing.


Shanna said...


Lisa said...

if you can't find room i know i could find a place here!

Dust and Maddy said...

Cute cute! But does that mean you'd have to get your dies back from Kerry? Do you even use a Qk now that you have the GLORIOUS Cricut (so jealous)

Beth said...

Damn. Now I'm craving Baskin Robbins.

So cute!

Kerry said...

Shhhh! Maddy! ;)

Those are so cute! I saw them too. SO STINKIN adorable!!!