Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I'm drivin in my car

okay, not really driving. But I am sitting in my car, in the carpool lane waiting to pick up Noah. I'm on my new phone and, I must admit, this is pretty freekin kick ass. I can see my whole blog, pictures and all.

It's still not synced with my email, and if I turn on Outlook I'll keep getting my 'test' message every 5 minutes. it's great. Hopung the office IT guy can get over tomorrow to fix that.

aaaaaanyway, not much to say really. Just wanted to ckecj this out.

peace out all u suckas stuck un front of your PC (OKay that wa mean LOL)



Kerry said...

So you can drive and check your messages. Can you drive, check messages and EAT at the same time?

That is what I do when I'm stuck on my PC. Wait, maybe that is why my ass is so big!

Cool phone! Man Michelle, you sound like a kid at Christmas lately!!

Lisa said...

keep your eyes on the road dude!

Beth said...

So you can drive and check your blog; cool. Can it fix your typos, too?


Michelle said...

f u martha! LOL

Beth said...

That 'bite me' I gave you earlier by texting you on your "kick ass" phone? Yep- well deserved... ;)

Michelle said...

yeah, it was beth. teehee. but you still love me, right???

(Oh! typing on this dinky keyboard is going to take some practice. please bear with thr typos. )

Shanna said...

That's what I love about my CRACKBERRY!!!!! LOVVVVVVVVVVE IT!

Michelle said...

what do you love Shanna? That little keyboard? or that fact that your can tell someone to F off from anywhere LLLLLLLLLLLLMAO

I LOOOVE YOU BETH!! you know that right????

Beth said...

Of course, dahling! ;)