Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I'm back, and just as stupid as before.

UUUUUUUUUUGH! Y'all are going to shoot me. My BRRRRRRRILLIANT plan of taking my brother's kickass small camera to CHA with me completely backfired. As, unbeknownst to me upon departure, I had NO CLUE how to use his teeny handful of digital technology. I am now the proud "artist" who has 28 really crappy MOVIES and 45 even crappy still pictures. So the agravation I avoided by not carrying around my huge SLR was quickly replaced with the inability to figure out how to take a picture - not a movie - then how to take a photo that was in focus and properly lit. Something I was unable to totally (or ever remotely) figure out.

So I got crap to show you.

sorry :) You can boycot me if you wanna :( LOL

CHA was cool. Not as impressive as I thought it would be, but very cool even so. It was cool seeing what was going to coming out. Lots of good quality stuff out there. I didn't see anything that really was horrible. I'm glad I wasn't the one having to decide what to buy, that's for sure.

Here's my quick recap. I'm going to try to keep this short as I'm still really tired.

FELT. That's probable the newest thing everyone was doing. Felt flowers mainly. But I always saw felt fonts and some random shapes. If someone would have told me felt was the next 'thing' I would have instantly turned up my nose, but I'll admit I loved it. I can't wait to use me some felt.

ClEAR STAMPS. Eeeeeeeeeeveryone had them. Heidi Swapp had some nice new ones. Corner was that were cool. Other than that I can't think of anyone one line that stood out from the others. Lots of circle stamps (thanks for Ali I'm sure) None of it bad mind you. So if i sound like that I don't mean to. Just a lot of it.

BLUE. Blue is the new brown, and pink - combined. It was EVERYWHERE. I love blue - gonna paint my family room blue (or well I was before this) but dang - e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g was blue.

And of course CHIPBOARD and GLITTER - but COMBINED.

Had a great time. Really glad I was able to go (thanks again Lorie and Peter!!!) Out of it all I got something I hadn't expected (but certainly needed) a new found energy for the book. I'm all fired up about it and have put the wheels into motion again. Even opened the file and tweeked the cover a bit. It feels good and have set a goal of Summer CHA in Chicago. :) I can't wait!


p.s. it might go without saying but I'll say it anyway. If anyone wants to attend Summer CHA with me and volunteer pushing the newest book out there email me :) I will not be able to do this alone, but am broke LOL


Beth said...

Awww- no worries on the photos, Michelle. We've seen plenty from other reports. I'm so glad you had fun and got the Book Fever going again!

Chicago? I'm there, baby! And if they weren't day games, we could go to a Cub's game- the Diamondbacks are in town that weekend. ;)

Oh- and we can look for the Chatterbox people- I know where they stayed last year... ;)

Anonymous said...

i am so happy that felt is coming our way--i have been looking for felt flowers and leaves forever!! yay! glad you had fun. lisa

Kerry said...

I laughed so hard that I started coughing when I read that you took 28 movies!!! LOL! I have done that before with our little camera!! So I know exactly how you felt.

I'm glad you both had fun! My biggest question is..... did you corner Cathy anywhere? ;)

Anonymous said...

yeah--inquiring minds want to know how tall she was--MY tall or YOUR tall!! ha ha lisa

karen said...

I'm so bummed--I didn't know you'd be in town!!

I was there too...

laura said...

good to see you there, michelle! i posted a bunch of pics on my blog if you wanted to see them. but then again, a lot of the stuff is already coming to the stores! LOL! you can just go see it there. ;)

yes - LOVE the felt. i already bought some of the AC letters and shapes! so cute!