Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I'm tired

and it's not close to being over. I love how I do this to myself every year.

This week has been crazy fun, even though I'm now whining. My niece, Kate, came in From Chicago for 4 days. She SAVED MY LIFE (again) with all I have to do. Let me break it down.

She flew in Saturday morning. She wasn't even unpacked when we went with us to get our tree (don't even start!) Then we were going to decorate it but the lost lights (still haven't found them) and the realization that I didn't have my white elephant gifts for the Christmas party (which was that evening) required a change of plans and a detour to Target (Yes, I thought of you Kerry :-) )

So off to target early afternoon to pick up gifts for the exchange. One of which was a cake plate. Evidently, it's like against the law to just give a cake plate EMPTY. So Kate baked cookies for the top. I was happy to let her do that because I had a party to get ready for.

Peter and I left Katie with the kids while we went to my work party at Morton's. YUM-0 YEA, I said it. That place rocks.

Sunday we did lots of stuff. None of which I can remember right now. OH WAIT! We kitted my class. Kate took care of ALL the Cricut cutting. Praise the sweet Lord Jesus too cuz I would have lost my ever loving mind if I had to do it.

Monday I had to work. that sucked LOL Kate wrapped all the kids gifts. That's two years in a row I haven't had to do my own wrapping. Maddy did it for me last year. "someone" must be on my side giving me a little reprive for all the years I wrapped EVERYONE'S presents growing up.

Tuesday was my class. I had to miss Maddy's baby shower. Stupid class! teehee. I hear they had a blast. I'll be there for the next one girl!!! :) After the class we stayed up till almost 2 am working on my NEXT class. Which is the 3rd. STUPID WORK. hahaha

Today we did some power shopping for my gift exchange at SB etc. I have Heidi Lynn. She's all bling, which is cool, but I'm not very blingy so finding something that's bling but NOT TOO MUCH bling was a bit of a challenge. But Kate and I did it and it pretty much rocks. I should take a picture. But I'm lazy.

Then she was gone :( Bye Katie!!!

Tonight I finished my pages for January's class and took them to the store for display.

I designed my store 'take away's' and just sent them to Kinko's to get printed.

My dad comes in from Cali late tonight. I'll be picking him up soon :)

Tomorrow I have to take Noah's to school at 7am cuz my carpool people thought they'd leave me for a vacation to London. Slackers :)

Then I have my SB etc Christmas Lunch. Can't wait for that. should be fun.

Tomorrow night I'm going to "The forgotten Carols" with Karalee and Kaelene.

Friday at lunch my 'real' boss is taking the office for bowling and poooooosssibly some drinks LOL

Not sure when the tree will get decorated or the shopping will get done. I've pretty much resolved that all the snowmen won't be making it out this year. There just isn't anything left in me.

And at some point I need to wrap all my teacher gifts......and to think Kerry emailed everyone just today thinking that I'd gotten myself organized. BWAAAHAHAAA!! good one Kerry!


laura said...

man! i am tired just reading that! ;)

glad you had some help this week - lucky girl!

Shanna said...

I say screw it all......come over here and hang on my couch and chat with me while I wrap presents. Better can help me wrap....AND don't forget my Sonic DR PEPPER!!!! See ya in a few! I know....."be right over".....I can hear it already! :o)