Wednesday, July 05, 2006

how did we survive?

before easy mac.

Seriously, how?. Take away my fax machine. Make me wash dishes by hand. But never, NEVER E.V.E.R. take away my easy mac.

And by the look of Kate here I's makes me some geooood mac'ncheeze :) Posted by Picasa


Lisa said...

OK--easy mac has been livin' the good life at our home right now. how come I just now found it?? that is seriously worth every penny! just don't run out of ketchup at our house or it will be a mutiny!

laura said...

those are classic!

maybe i need to try this easy mac. does it taste as good as the real (kraft) stuff??? life would be easier... hmmm.

Shanna said...

yummy.....I am hungry.

Kerry said...

I think you should make that at the next crop Michelle. ;) A big ol' bowl of it!

Cute pictures of Kate!!