Monday, June 12, 2006


um...yeah. Imma dork.

I'll admit it, I've been kinda bummed that no one's made a comment lately. Was feeling sorry for myself, then felt stupid about feeling rejected. I know this isn't the most exciting blog ever. And it's not like a million people come here, but post was about KATE'S FIRST BIRTHDAY :( I was like, shoot (okay I said shit) someone could at least say Happy-Freekin Birthday to my cute little peanut!!!

then Beth (thanks girl!) emailed me......yeah......I must have changed something that required authorization to make a comment. DIDN'T KNOW I DID THAT!

I think I've fixed it. I say think because I don't know what I changed to make it like that. Hopefully it works. If not, please, someone please tell me. My ego can't take a commentless blog. ;)


Beth said...

Yoo hoo? Anyone home? And where did the dozens of other comments I've made over the last few days go? ;)

Michelle said...

yeah RIGHT! when they don't show up it's DOZENS!!! hahaha I'm not falling for it girlie! :)

Michelle said...


And beth helped me (again) with finding the 'lost' posts and republishing them.

You do like me, you really like me!!! hahahahaa

See why I don't 'do' this techno crap?!?! I get all cocky and mess things up. Seriously, for me ignorance is bliss ;)

Beth said...

Yay ME! Now if only I could help Lisa with her blog problem. And I think I owe Karen some help, too...