Monday, June 05, 2006

teacher gifts, thanks, and other stuff

I'm a little late on this one but this is what I did for the teachers.
The teacher and her aide each got a scrapbook - 34 pages each. The letter you see is the first page (and their last initial - duh!) Each child has their own page that consists of a Q&A card that was super cute. Questions like "if you had a million dollars what would you buy Mrs. P and why" And answers like "I would buy her a massage because her back might hurt" HAHAHaaa such cuteness. Each child also did a cute little drawing and there's a photo. Scrapbooking wise it's SUPER simple.

Sorry the picture is so crappy and cut off. I am too lazy to edit them into perfect little frames or to post more than one actual image (which means I have to move pictures to my computer and post like 'normal' and not thru Picasa) Anyway, they are 11 X 8 1/2 (landscape) albums. This was the first one I've done in that format. Have to say I loved it!

I also made each of them, and the room mom, a silver bracelet. You can kinda see it in that bag. And the main teacher got an amazing multi-colored charm/dangle bracelet that I picked up at the scrapbook store. I just couldn't resist it.

In other news, yesterday's events are still freaking us all out but things are moving forward. Mom and daughter are doing well - all things considered - and there's already been blessings that have come out of such a grizzly discovery. They are all still in a safe house while CPS and the police are gather evidence and mount their case. There is no resistance or doubt that this has been happening on the part of the authorties so that's good (good in the sense it helps gather info - not good in the sense that it really did happen) Please do keep them in your prayers, they are being heard and felt.

I might be hit and miss this week. I'm going to try to post daily as I like the break but I have a couple HUMUNGO deadlines at work that will have me working around the clock. No worries if I'm not here. If things get bad - or I catch that death of a cold Beth had I'll let y'all know.

And to end on a happy note, Kate is officially walking. Pictures soon.

OH! and if I haven't told you this lately, I love you each one of you so much. Please know that. Posted by Picasa


Shanna said...

CUTTTTTTE STUFF Michelle! Kate is walking???????????????? WTH????

Lisa said...

WOW! Could I be one of your child's teachers next year? That is really cool and cute stuff. Kate walking! Didn't you just come home from the hospital with her?

Kerry said...

I thought Kate came home from the hospital walking?!?! ;)

I've been thinking about your story since the other night. I'm glad things are getting started, and that they are 'ok.' Poor things.

Cute albums and bracelets! Ya know, I reeeeally hate that ETC puts those bracelets there. I have already spent enough by the time I make it to the register, and then I see those and think I have to have one. Grrr. Good thing they don't have a soda machine up there too. (DON'T suggest that!!)

Love ya too chica!! XOXO!