Tuesday, June 13, 2006

never doubt a mother

when it comes to the birthweight of her children.

Has any woman ever forgotten how much their babies weighed?? I mean come on now. When you push a watermelon out of a place that's, well, not the size of a watermelon, one tends to remember the specifics.

My husband doesn't seem to get this concept. He told me (yes told me)how much Kate weighed. I was floored that he questioned me. Now see, for those who don't know, I have big babies. Toddlers even. My smallest was 10 pounds, 14 ounces. That's the "runt". From there they just got bigger. According to my dear hubby they are even bigger than I remember.

Don't get me wrong. I do kinda like the bragging rights earned by pumping out such huge babies. I get a kick out of telling people the numbers, the double digit numbers, and watching their face curl and their legs cross. I love the GASP at the very idea of pushing (and I'm always asked if I had a C-section) out such a large human being. But, I'm not going to make the numbers bigger. They are impressive enough all on their own.

So I'm going back and fourth with him about how much Kate weighed. Still floored that he's actually arguing me about it. Then he BETS me. bets. 50 bucks. Like he's got money to burn. I almost think he's kidding. He cannot be betting me on this one. Oh but he is. Silly man.


Well I finally remembered this bet while sitting at my computer so I pulled up the picture. There it is, 11-12, just as I remembered. Just as I knew. Silly, silly man.

He'll never pay me. He'll make some stupid double or nothing bet with me that I'll win, and not get paid on either. Someday I'll be a millionaire with all the IOU's. Maybe I'll have to break his kneecaps :) Posted by Picasa


Lisa said...

he actually bet you on the birthweight of his children? that is scary! Want to earn more money? ask him for their birthdates and middle names!

~**Dawn**~ said...


Anonymous said...

11-12, I think my neighbors 2 year old weighs that much. That is alot of baby to push out! Men, they always think they are RIGHT! My husband even has my 6 year old believing he is always right! She is brain washed! Tammi

Kerry said...

Silly man. I love that you have an actual photograph of the weight so he knows not to argue with you about it! Hahahaa! Gotta love scrapbookers!

Great entry michelle, that was funny!

Beth said...


So am I the only one wondering how much he said she weighed?

Michelle said...

over 12 pounds. That's what he thought.

I'd want me freegin metal for OVER 12 pounds man! LOL

oh and thanks kerry :)

June said...

He should have known better but you know men.

I thought I had a toddler at 9lb 13oz. I bow down to you. That's so nuts. You make some cute babies though! We'll give credit to (erroneous) hubby for that too.