Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I'm here

well sorta.

Been a hard week...and yikes, it's only Tuesday. My mouth pain came back hard and heavy Saturday night. Been nursing that.

Had this HUGE church scrapbook to finish sunday. Got it done and it's amazing. I'll post some pictures, when I get to downloading them.

Then volunteered for another huge project for Noah's teachers that's due Friday. Open mouth insert foot.

Of course, I have a class tomorrow that's still not kitted LOL I'm such a dork!

Then, as a major bummer, my very dear, totally wonderful, super amazing, Great Aunt Kathy has only days to live. She has stage 4 breast cancer and is in a hospice house. I've had to wrestle with that sadness. She's super duper busy with visitors around the clock. She was a school teacher forever and has a HUUUUUUUGE following. My dad is there now and has been playing "door monitor" there are so many people. Her husband takes the night shifts and reads her all the incoming emails. she loves it. So I finally wrote my mammoth 3 pager last night and called her today. Strange (and hard and sad and sucky) talking to someone knowing you won't be talking to them again.

So that's what's up. I haven't od'ed on the crack. But I kinda have on reality.


Kerry said...

Oh Michelle, sorry to hear about your great aunt.

Sorry to hear about your class kits too! Damn, you should come over!! Remember me? "Will work for kits????" I didn't realize your class was so early this week! Ack!

Sorry you are still hurting too. Man, that really does suck. Have I told you that I hate mouth/teeth work? ha ha! *shudder*

SHanna said...

I am thinking about you girl. All kinds of pain right now. Call if you need to! Love ya!

Dust and Maddy said...

I am so sorry for your bad news Michelle! I know there are no words, so all I can offer is understanding.

Sorry I missed your class. freaking husband out of town. . . Itired to find a baby sitter even, but waaaaay too mnay parties going on because it's the end of the year.