Wednesday, May 03, 2006

check it!

I took the plunge. After how long with my first Quick Kutz? Like 2 years? And 2 years of HATING it I decided to get the new and improved 'SQUEEZE'. It was the 'studio' font that did me in. I couldn't stand not having it. Well that and I had the option of getting the tool in PINK. aaahh...I love pink. I figure even if I hate this one too it's too cute to pack away. At least I'll be able to enjoy the look of it.

I also got the punctuation set. Love it. My tool (have to admit I feel like a 'tool' saying "my tool" but alas...that is what it is) also came with the "Olivia" font. It's dang cute! I just did a page for the Scrappin' Sampler I'm working at down at Scrapbooks, Etc. for National Scrapbook Day. It's cute, simple - but cute. I used the square brackets [ ] like in [randomness] and the studio font. It says " i [heart] u" Well except the heart doesn't actually say heart - it's a shape. UGH! I'm making it sound lame. I'll take a picture and post it tomorrow. Posted by Picasa

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Kerry said...

Need help putting the stickers on? You know that is one of my favorite jobs!