Tuesday, May 09, 2006

bless his heart

So I take the pictures in the family. I've tried to get Peter to take some and sometimes he actually does. He loves my camera so that does make it easier (It is a fun camera :) )

So I was watching Kate and Sarah in the shade a couple games ago so Peter took the camera. He got a couple really nice shots too. I keep telling him to just shoot and shoot. I can either throw them away later or, like in this case, make fun of him.

You see, when I say "take lots of pictures" I'm not kidding around. I mean to A L O T of pictures. But I suppose I do mean pictures of someone who is MOVING. Or at least doing something. Peter took me literally and just kept shooting away with not real thought as to how exactly the same the pictures were going to be.
Case in point. Here are nine shots of Noah's backside. And yes, believe it or not these are 9 DIFFERENT shots. Hard to tell huh? Noah's hasn't budged. Not even a little bit.

Granted, I like the shot. It's cool how he's in "gunfighter" position. Being ready for the ball is good. But 9 shots, really? That's necessary? hahaha I asked Peter about it and he just laughed his ass off. He's thinks it's totally funny. And I'll admit, I think it's funny too. I think I might try to do a page about it even. :)

Have I mentioned how much I love digital? I could have found out at 20 cents a piece and 1/3 of roll of film that Noah actually can stand still for 9 seconds. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

DANG Michelle you are back in the bloggin' business. Love all the pick of you KIDS! THEY'RE GORGEOUS!LATER GATor! Tammi

Beth said...

Bwahaha! I bet he had it on sports mode, right? Sean does that all the time cause he thinks it's so cool to watch the camera work so fast.;)

Michelle said...

hhahahaa beth, I wish he'd had it on sports mode. He actually had to click the shutter himself all 9 times.

I'm got another set too. Noah's turned around (back to the game) just looking around. LOL not something I'm aching to scrapbook...

Shanna said...

HA HA! This is awesome! So glad you are bloggin again! Love the photos! Scrap about it fo sho!

Anonymous said...

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