Monday, May 29, 2006

the beaded payload

There's an American Express commercial in here somewhere, I just know it. I plan on scrapbooking a page of our breading weekend and want to do journalling like that. Lemme give it a shot.

Trip for two to the bead store for crystals, head pins, toggles and other random, but very "necessary", gemstones: $295

Lunch for two adults including 'bribe-food' cookies and sodas for 2 children for begin good at the bead store: $19.85

Second trip for two to the bead store for more random gemstones and much needed silver wire: $260

One half-size chocolate cake and two large diet sodas for midnight snack: $7.53

Staying up till 2 in the morning, 3 nights in a row, fueled by cake, diet soda and beer, and beading 8 bracelets, 9 pendant drops and one pair of earrings with my best friend: Priceless.


Seriously good times. Posted by Picasa


Beth said...

How fun is that? I had no idea you beaded! Can I commission you? I keep buying stuff, telling myself I'll make something someday, but never get around to it.

Totally cool. :)

Michelle said...

haha Beth,
We can talk.

If you want REALLY pretty stuff check out Laurels site - she rocks. I'm picky about beading - like the wire wraps need to be tight and clean and perfect or else I freak and she makes my wrapping looks like a child did it, she's that good. :)

visit her at

(how's that for a shameless plug!)

OH AND BETH. I'm taking Ryan from you this week sometime (or next week if you want - I think they are still in school ???) You need a break and Noah would LOVE to have someone to play with.

Lisa said...

those are way cool! I'll take the one in the middle!! ;)

Kerry said...

HOLY COW! See, that is why I keep myself from getting into serious beading. I cannot have another expensive hobby. I love your list though...especially the bribing of the children. Hahahaha!

Those are all soooo pretty! And I want one too! I'm going to commission you as well! ;) (You know I like green, right?)

laura said...

gorgeous! how fun!