Wednesday, April 26, 2006

okay OKAYYYY I'm updating

Yeah...been a total slacker about this whole blog thing. SORRY! Saw my friend Tammi on Saturday and she said, "yeah I thought you let it expire or something" Okay, that's not good. Especially when I don't think this even has an expiration date.

One of the problems, besides just not having the time and the energy at the same time, is that blogger wasn't totally working right. Like I couldn't insert an image without all this drama. I create enough drama on my own I don't need any help from Blogger, thank you very much. So that was annoying and I like having pictures. But that teeny tiny mountain icon that's the 'insert image' button seems to be working so I can add pictures now. woo hoo!

I say all that and this post won't have pictures...but that's another story. ;)

Wanna know why? no? too bad! Here's why. I suck. yep! I was having problems with my camera and didn't know how (okay I didn't even try) to fix it. I finally did today. Pretty simple really. I had to change the curvy graph picture to just the picture and not the picture and the 'raw' symbol. Yeah, lame huh? don't know how that got changed but when it was on that raw thingie I was only able to take like 60 pictures (rather that 260) and that was just a pain in the ass. I mean why have a 1 gig card when you can only take 60 pictures. But it's all good now. THANK GOD!

So the first thing I took pictures of was this stupid little step stool I got for 4 bucks at the Goodwill. I bought it for Sarah so she could wash her hands after going pee pee (we are potty Well this is now her all time favorite thing. The stool that is, not washing her hands. Well, I take that back. She pretty much loves washing her hands too. Lake Mead is probably a foot lower with all the water she's wasting washing her hands. What's crazy is that they are still always sticky. Haven't figured that one out yet. Guess that's the life of a 2 year old.

but I digress...

oh yeah! The stool. So she loooooooves this thing. She carries it everwhere. She stands on it to turn on the tv. She does this even though she can easily reach the buttons. She sits on it next to me when I'm playing with Katie on the floor. She puts it in front of the coffee table and stands next to it while watching TV in the family room. It's like it's just gotta be near. It's kinda funny....kinda annoying. Annoying because when it's time to go out and this stool is glued to her hip it's hard to explain to her that she can't take in the car with her.

Fortunately, my kids are pretty good about leaving things at home. Otherwise I could see her sitting there in her carseat with this big ass step stool on her lap. Some battles are not worth fighting, ya know?

All in all I guess it was 4 bucks well spent. :)

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