Tuesday, October 11, 2005

ooooooooooh! the pressure

It's halloween costume picking time and I'm about ready to lose my mind. I love halloween. Love it! But the need to outdo myself every year is just torture.

Noah's always been pretty easy. When he was little little he was "Noah" (duh!) and then a duck, then Hopper-the big grasshopper from The Bug's Life, Then Hopper again (it was a really cool costume and what the hell, he was 4 and we'd just changed schools so no one saw it HAHA) then Spiderman, then Batman. He's now old enough to have a real say it what he is and the pressure is off that *I* have chosen his costume. So it's either a football player or skeleton. That's what he wants and I'm cool with that.

Boy stuff. Easy peasy.

Sarah....ahh....my little girl. FINALLY! girl costumes. She was a Pea in a pod. and DAYUM was she cute. Then last year her costume ROCKED! She was a Hula Dancer. She had the coconut top and grass skirt. It was too die for. Everyone loved it. It was a proud costume picking moment.

So now I've got TWO girls to dress. ugh. the pressure. I found a simply adorable Princess Leia costume for Kate. But it's like 60 bucks. I'm sure I'll end up spending that much for a 6 month old's costume she'll hate being in. But I'm not ready to fork out that much money just so I can have people oogle at her and her insane cuteness. yet.

How do I top last year? Hula girl? Please...it's not top-able. Trust me. She was WAY cute.

I suppose could put her in the leia costume and then use it again next year for Kate. But I know me. I know I'll lose the stupid thing, or forget where I put it, or decide next year that I don't wanna copy costumes and I'll end up buying some other overpriced costume all to feed my ego that I have the best dressed little trick or treaters ever!

What's funny is I'm SO not this person who really cares what people think about my kids....or so I thought.

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