Thursday, October 20, 2005

chew on this...super deep

So I decided to sponsor a canidate through the conversion process at our Church (Catholic Church, not some crazy cult like church, not that Catholics aren't crazy!) We meet every Monday to be taught be the Sister for an hour then break into groups and go over the readings for the next week and discuss them at length. Even though I call it my "brainwashing class, I think it's very cool.

In last week's class a couple things really hit home to me, and I decided to share. While Sister was explaining how Christ died for allour sins and that his love is poured on everyone she went deeper into loving your neighbor. The Church believes you must not only love God, and your neighbor, but stangers and even your enemies, for that is what Christ did.

yea, that's easier said than done. But we try right?

She went on to say that if you (and I will not say this like she did, I'll likely butcher it, but trust me it sounded cool coming out of her mouth) if you choose not to love all that you can't truly say that you love God. That you have earned the right to say that.

wow. ouch.

Then, in our groups the leader said something that really hit it home. He quoted the Father of our parish, saying, "Your relationship with God is only as strong as your relationship with your worst enemy"

again, ow!

But, after thinking about this a bit I'd say it's true. Especially since
I tend to be my worst enemy. Something I need to work on, loving myself. How does it go? You can't give away something you don't have? So, if I don't love myself how can I love others, even my God.

Told ya it was deep.


Lisa said...

lovely Michelle!! I'm chewing away--and I totally get "the sister"


Dust and Maddy said...

Super deep!!!

Must have been sooooo deep that you can't update your blog!

I'm dying for more news!