Monday, September 05, 2005

what a nice day

I love holidays. (who doesn't?) I love getting paid for spending time with my family. I love staying up too late on a 'school night' and not worrying about having to get up for work. I love the short work week that follows my day of relaxation.

Today, though, was extra special. Today I got to sleep in. Not really sure how I swung it. Not really sure why Peter got up with the kids at let me sleep. But he did. And I LOVED it. I haven't slept in like that for years. It was wonderful.

The day continued to be nice. Set up our nano salt water tank. This setup (our second tank) had to have a custom lighting unit. So we are officially fish geeks. We discussed this new status and we agree, we're okay with it. This tank will be our quarantine tank for a while, currently housing 'dory' for her month of isolation before transfer into our display. Then we're thinking of making it a sea horse tank. That should be fun. Yeah, geeks.

Bro is over tonight. He's still bumming from the breakup of his recent love. Man, he's got some bad luck. Sucks too cause he's a GREAT guy. *shrug* Wish I could hook him up.

The night is winding down. Peter's off reading to Noah. Kate's taking her evening nappy. Sarah's giving Michael (bro) a run for his money. She's cranky because she's getting tired. I'd better give him some backup.

Hope your Labor Day was filled with anything but labor (unless you're ready to have a baby! then LABOR AWAY!)


Mimi said...

I have a fish geek hubby, I should have you guys tawk!

Congratulations on sleeping in!

Dust and Maddy said...

Glad you had fun!

Missed you though -- m