Monday, July 18, 2005


Funny how something as nasty as lemons (yeah okay I don't like lemons, hate me!) can be turned into something so wonderful as this lemon bundt cake masterpiece that can be found at Costco for a mere $7.50. Or was it $6.49? OH well anyway...this stuff is GREAT.

My friend, Kerry, hooked me up with this delightful blend of sugar and lemon and fat. Well I call her my friend but if she was really my friend she would never have done something so evil as give me this. I mean REALLY! She KNOWS I can't resist sweets (not that I've ever tried!) She KNOWS I'm completely obsessive compulsive. These are two traits which don't blend well. Or blend TOO WELL depending on which side of the fork you're on.

Anyway, this cake is proof that you can make anything taste good if you add enough sugar and fat. (or cheese and fat if you're broccoli, but that's another post)

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