Friday, June 10, 2005

How could I have forgotten?

I forgot to mention the conversation my son and I had after he tossed his cookies.

We were sitting on the couch just chillin before I sent him back to bed (remember, it's the middle of the night). He asks me,
"Mommy? Are you still sick?"
I answer, "yeah sweetie, just a little bit but I'm feeling much better."
To which he proclaims, "Well I'm sicker than you, because I threw up and you didn't."

hahahaaaa - smart boy.


Anonymous said...

Kids, they say the darndest things! I hope you are all feeling better now! I love BLOGS! Tammi

Shanna said...

HEE! HEE! I am loving this Michelle!!!! I linked you up on my Blog! I hope that's okay! Now I can check in on ya!